How to get


Please note that the Reception is located in the building next door, in Apartments Campo del Príncipe, Calle Escutia, 4. You will have to go to the reception for both check-in and check-out.


The center of Granada has restricted access, so below we indicate the best way to get to our apartments.


Simply follow these access instructions; do not use GPS systems. They can use a browser or Google Maps WITHOUT ROUTE to tell them where they are at all times, so it’s easier for them to follow the directions.


Provide the vehicle data (number plate) on arrival at the apartments as there are restricted access roads that we are allowed to circulate. The rest of the signposting MUST BE RESPECTED, especially the CARRIL BUS that you will find on your right throughout the entire route.

From Málaga-Sevilla (A92):

1st Take SALIDA 230 – Santa Fe/Granada (Conexión with Autovía A92 G).

Cross Santa Fe and continue until the connection with the A44 motorway, direction Motril/Sierra Nevada.

2nd Take SALIDA 125 – Motril/Sierra Nevada (Connection with Motorway A44).

3rd Take SALIDA 131 – Granada/Granada – Parque de las Ciencias/Congresos-Armilla.

From Jaén-Madrid (A44):

1st Take Motorway A44 direction Motril – Sierra Nevada.

2nd Take SALIDA 131 – Granada – Parque de las Ciencias/Congresos-Armilla.

From La Costa-Motril (A44):

· Towards Granada/Jaén/Madrid

· SALIDA 131 – Granada – Parque de las Ciencias/Congresos – Armilla.

· At the roundabout, take the fourth exit onto Avda. Fernando de los Ríos/Palacio de Congresos.

Continue straight on Avda. Fernando de los Ríos where we will find several roundabouts, where we will have to continue always straight by Avda. Fernando de los Ríos, taking special care since we will find the CARRIL BUS TO THE RIGHT during all the route, we will have to circulate by the left always.

As we go along the Avenida on the left, we will see the entrance to a tunnel in which we will have to enter and cross it to exit to the Calle Paseo del Violón, where we will continue straight through the Palacio de Congresos.

When you reach the roundabout of the Palacio de Congresos, take the second exit to continue straight on along Calle Paseo del Violón. Continue along the Paseo del Violón and then turn right at Paseo de Calle Paseo de los Basilios as shown in the photograph below.

Drive along Paseo de los Basilios Street until the end to turn left at Puente Verde Street. At the roundabout with a large wheel in the middle, take the left exit onto Calle Paseo de la Bomba, as indicated below.

Go straight on to turn right on Calle Cuesta Escoriaza.

Continue straight on Calle Cuesta Escoriaza until you find this intersection, where you will have to turn left to go to Calle Visitillas de los Ángeles where you will find a traffic light.

Continue straight on for a few minutes along Calle Visitilla de Los Ángeles and continue straight on Calle Molinos where you will inevitably have to turn left on Calle Solares and immediately turn right on Calle Santiago, the street parallel to our apartments.

Continue straight on Calle Santiago to turn right on Calle Cuesta Monteros, where you will find our apartments on the left on Calle Escutia, 4.